Posted in the TriCity Newspaper (February 19, 2019)

Celebration at PhotoCentral Gallery with the Animal of Sulphur Creek Nature Center and Cultures in Transition: Spirit-Heart-Soul photography exhibition

Date: February 23 (2-4PM)

Location: 1099 E Street, Hayward, California

PhotoCentral Gallery has invited the animals of Sulphur Creek Nature Center to celebrate the award winning photography exhibit by Oliver Klink, Cultures in Transition: Spirit-Heart-Soul.

The photography exhibit explores the changes that people go through, the subtleties that make their life evolve, their spiritual guiding light. One section of the exhibit features the eagle hunters of Mongolia. Kazakhs in Western Mongolia have mastered the ancient and noble art of hunting with eagles. As nomadic tribes, their survival depends on training these majestic birds and passing on their skills to the younger generation. For centuries, this knowledge has been transferred from father to son, now father to daughter.

Sulphur Creek Nature Center will showcase their rescued animals. The parallel between the eagle hunters and the work done at Sulphur Creek Nature Center is commanding. Both outfit really cares for the animals and their release to the wild. An event not to be missed to hear about the mission of Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

Geir Jordahl, director of PhotoCentral Gallery:” The universal human quality is what links together the three chapters of Cultures in Transition. Klink’s images transcend borders without homogenizing very distinct peoples, nationalities, and cultures. The uniqueness of each is present, yet Klink asks us to see the links between them and to see ourselves within each tribe. He connects us through the use of common bonds, gestures, and expressions. In this way the personalities of his subjects shine through – their emotion, their joy, their connections with each other and, by association their connection to the viewer.” 

Event is free of charge. Kids are welcome. RSVP at

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