“Consequences” featured on FeatureShot (article by Eva Clifford)


In 2001, California-based photographer Oliver Klink embarked on a project to document the disappearing traditions and customs across Asia as modernization and cultural homogenization takes its toll. “When the Three George Dam was completed, the water level rose by over 100 meters (300 ft),” says Klink, and he saw the displacement of 1 million people from the edge of the Yangtze River. This proved to be just one example of how such communities are being affected by the change.

“During my travels,” says Klink, “I have found that as human beings we are intrigued by customs – what we feel is disappearing. Unfortunately, when we meet these people, they are presented to us as an “attraction”, which tends to make them loose their true identity.” The aim of Consequences, was to bring a voice to these communities undergoing change in the process of modernization, “sometimes against their will, sometimes for the better, but most of the time at a pace that are beyond comprehension,” explains Klink. In visiting the countries of Mongolia, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, and India, Klink witnessed the alarming pace of change as agricultural fields morphed into factories, villages into cities, and cities into megatropolises.

By spending time with the local people, Klink was able to discover places which still manage to hold onto their traditions, and are, as of yet, unchanged. Yet, even in these remote regions, he still witnessed how modernization was beginning to seep in, bringing with it new technology and Western clothing. Although the influx of new technology does bring with it practical convenience, Klink found the elderly (especially) were reluctant to part with their traditional items, but were soon forced to let go. And early on, while people did not believe in devices such as mobile phones, Klink points out that they have now incorporated them into their daily lives in order to keep track of time and communicate with family members, who have moved to urban areas. “Living quarters are the biggest challenge,” says Klink, as “apartment buildings are growing like mushrooms to lure locals to have a better life.”

Exhibit at the Pacific Art League (Palo Alto, CA) – Honorable Mention

Don’t miss the opening of “What’s Not to Love?” at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California.
I am exhibiting 5 images, with one being a “premiere” release. “Vulnerable Love” was photographed in December 2016 in Africa. It depicts the feel of a relationship between a Masai warrior and a local beauty.
The image is printed with my custom mixed special inkset. Truly amazing!
Time: 5:30 – 8PM
Exhibit will be up until February 23, 2017.
Until then … Good luck with your art collection and thank you for your continuous support.
NOTE: If you can’t attend the show, check out how you can purchase the image (before they are all gone – Limited Editions!)

Honorable Mention for Javeena and Ganesha 1

Upcoming Exhibits (Jan – April, 2017)

Feb 3 – 23: Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA (Opening Reception: Feb 3 (5:30-8PM)
March 11 – April 23: Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA
(Opening Reception: March 12 (2-4PM) – NEW Release of “Old Time, New Order”
April 7 – May 2: Critical Mass Top 50, Denver, CO (Opening Reception: April 8 (6 – 8PM)
Special Release of “Gods Rays”
April 23 – June 30: Spring Show, PhotoCentral Gallery, Hayward, CA
Reception: April 29 (2-4PM)

Best Wishes for 2017

Happy New Year and all the best for 2017. Let’s make 2017 the year of tolerance, human kindness and personal creativity.

Here are some great events scheduled in January/February that will get you a head start on creativity:

January 7 – February 19, 2017 (Opening reception on January 7, 4-7pm)

Women in Photography – “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” exhibition

CPA- Center for Photography, Carmel

January 7 – February 28, 2017 (Opening reception on January 7, 6-8pm)

Brigitte Carnochan – “Love & Kisses, George” exhibition

Themes and Project Gallery, San Francisco

January 19 – February 21, 2017 (Opening reception on January 26, 6-8pm)

Rania Matar – “Girl and her room, Unspoken Conversations” exhibition

Rayko PhotoCenter, San Francisco

January 28 – April 15, 2017 (Opening reception on January 28, 2-5pm)

Kate & Geir Jordahl – “Getting to know the map, 40 years of photography” exhibition

PhotoCentral Gallery, Hayward

January 27 – 29, 2017

PhotoFairs San Francisco

Fort Mason, San Francisco

February 5 – 8, 2017

Codex, 6th Biennial International Book Fair and Symposium

The Craneway Pavilion, Richmond

Various weekends in January 2017

Photography workshops at IncredibleTravelPhotos

Seasons Greetings: Creavity!

I wish you happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year. 2016 was a break through year for me thanks to your continuous support. Many of my workshops’ participants received coveted prices and recognition with their images. Documentary images turned into images with a personal vision and deeper meanings. As a group, your creativity was contagious and inspiring. Very well done all of you!

Many of you took the chance to visit places that are not on the “typical traveling bucket list”. I wrote a similar message in 2011, when I thanked my participants to join me in Iceland for the Northern Light and Icebergs. At that point, it was not a “very well known” destination for photography. Looking at advertisement 5 years later Iceland is a “bucket list”.  For people who joined me in Mongolia, remote China, you are ahead of the wave. Thank you dearly for making these trips a reality as we cherish the “local” feel of our images.


To become known in the world of fine art photography, you need visionary people to give you a chance. I can’t thank enough the Fotofest organization for building a platform that enables many artists to have their work seen and prosper. A special mention goes to Silvia Mangialardi and Elda Harrington (organizers of the Festival de La Luz) who propelled my work to be seen internationally and boosted my confidence to submit images to contest like PhotoLucida – Critical Mass Top 50, and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The future is full of unknown. Political climate around the world is changing. But we all need to strap on to what we have: creativity. It will make people forget the challenges that we face, the decision that are made against our will, and strengthen our stories

Good luck with your photography and art collection. More then ever deliver and share the joy of images. 

People’s Choice: “Stepwell” by Oliver Klink awarded by Black and White Magazine

Exciting news! “Stepwell” photographed in India last March was awarded the People’s Choice Award by BLACK & WHITE magazine.

From the editor of the magazine:”There are only 16 awards in this category so you can be confident that we felt your work stood out in a way that deserved this special attention. Once again, congratulations!”

The December edition magazine is available at newsstands and on their website. This is a very high quality printed magazine, worth subscribing to.

Black and White magazine also selected “God’s Rays” as single image award winner. 

Travel Photography: Finding the “Moment”

The last 3 months have taken me to Mongolia, China, Bhutan, and India. Over 90,000 images ranging from the documentary snapshots to the well thought out scenes, to “I wish a particular action” would have happened.

Defining “interesting” is so subjective that it lies entirely with the eyes of the observer. To a sport’s fan, it might be capturing a “home run”, to a landscape photographer it might be “god’s rays”, to a wildlife photographer it might be a unique behavior, to a fine art photographer it might just be when the scene is at its most aesthetically balanced.

 The challenge with travel photography is that most of the time we evaluate an “interesting moment” without the bias of history. We see merely what is, and not what was previously. So how do you create stunning images? Waiting for the right time? Being able to gauge if an image is special at the point of capture?

During the various workshops I am teaching in January, I will share tips how to find “the moment”.

Oliver Klink “Consequences” Portfolio Selected as Critical Mass Top 50

The votes are in! I am excited to announce that my body of work “Consequences” was selected as the Critical Mass Top 50 for 2016. An exhibit of the Top 50 will soon be announced.

Meanwhile, you can see the full body of work here. Each image comes in three sizes (by 20″, by 30″, and by 50″), limited edition of 15, 7, 3. As a heads up, some images are almost sold out. If interested in purchasing an image, email me the title and desired size. I will let you know if image is still available.

My images are printed digitally using a special process called Piezography, with my special inkset. The Piezography print, being the first fine black & white digital process is to digital photography what the Daguerrotype was to traditional photography. It has a unique combination of surface reflection, high fidelity, and tone due to a proprietary pigment manufacturing process. The fidelity of black & white images made with this special shaded ink combined with a proprietary profiling process produce enhanced highlight and shadow details that exceed what is capable using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.

I am truly honored of having been selected by Photolucida as a Top 50 artists.

Until further news about the Top 50 exhibit … Thank you for your continuous support and good luck with your art collection.

Support Children with Photography: Oliver Klink Donates “Herding Instinct”

I am honored to have been invited to participate in the Annual Friends of Friends of Photography Auction, happening on October 4 in New York. The organization has been providing free healthcare to children in Laos and Cambodia for the past 20 years.

I met the founder, Kenro Izu, at one of the PhotoAlliance talks in 2009. I fell in love with his images of Bhutan. In 2016 at the FotoFest portfolio review, a good friend of the association saw my images and put me in touch with the director of Friends of Friends of Photography. They fell in love with “Herding Instinct” and featured the image on their front page of their last mailer. What an honor.

You can help this great organization by placing your bids at the auction.


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