Press Release: Oliver Klink featured in The Palo Alto Weekly (Africa: The Struggle of Beauty – Group exhibit with Sebastião Salgado, Andy Wegst, & more)

October 1, 2018

Article in the Palo Alto Weekly by Karla Kane

If you haven’t seen the exhibit, you have to see it! The exhibit is about “Africa: The Struggle of Beauty”. These are not just “pretty” pictures of Africa. There is a strong curated message that depicts the various facets of African wildlife.
AND … You can admire some original images from Sebastião Salgado, mine, and two other photographers!  Truly a feast 🙂
Karla Kane from the Palo Alto Weekly wrote an incredible article about the show, which attracted a packed crowd at the opening reception in early September.
As Karla wrote: “Elephants have come to hold a special place in Klink’s heart. He has photographed curious, wise old matriarchs, babies learning through play and imitation, and elderly males, whose isolation and large tusks make them extremely vulnerable to poachers. You never get tired of seeing the behavior of the elephants.”
Mark your calendar: October 5 (5:30PM – 8PM)
Talk around 6PM
Pacific Art League
668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
I am exhibiting a subset of my series: “Life – As the World Should be”
The elephant is one of the most enigmatic creatives in all of the animal kingdom. To some, they are majestic creatures worthy of worship, to others merely beasts of burden. Regardless of human perception, they are incredible animals that are full of intelligence, empathy, and a genuine curiosity for the world.“Life” is a photo series that attempts to showcase elephants in their totality — not just a small fraction to be misunderstood. Approaching this project with a painterly touch, I’m aiming to create vivid portraits of these animals as they navigate between freedom, domesticity, and destruction.

The Making of Cultures in Transition

The last few weeks were really exciting: Selected Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018, Black and White Magazine Portfolio Spotlight Award (Publication coming out in October), Top 200 Critical Mass, Solo Exhibit in Buenos AiresSolo Exhibit at PhotoCentral gallery coming up in December …. and YES! my book is ready to go to press.
All these awards are from the images featured in Cultures in Transition: Spirit, Heart, Soul.
I started the project with True North Editions (publisher) in January 2017. Geir Jordahl and I went thru 400,000 images (photographed over a 15 years span) to select the final 108 featured in the book. The selection process and sequencing took 6 months.
At the same time, we searched for keywords that described the project. And one word kept surfacing: Authenticity!

In the next phase, we focused on the design of the book. Kate Jordahl, Geir Jordahl and I had many sessions to decide on the book size, text vs. images, color scheme & fonts, matching my original piezography prints, and more. We researched who could actually print the project, meeting with Chinese, Korean, Canadian, Swiss, and Italian printing presses. We eventually chose Longo AG in Bolzano, Italy as they had access to a special paper and had top craftmanship as shown in books they had previously printed (Like Mark Citret – “Along the Way“). They printed a dummy book to size (12 x 13 1/4”), which was shown to reviewers at Fotofest (Houston, March 2018). The quality of the book (it was just a Xerox copy) truly impressed reviewers!
When Anne Wilkes Tucker (Curator Emerita, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) saw the book, she agreed to write an essay, which tells the story of our parallel journeys in China. You truly want to read her story – captivating. Peter Finke, professor of anthropology at the Zurich University, also wrote an essay about his experience studying nomadic cultures in Mongolia. His views on their transition are truly forward thinking.
Ideas for adding authentic content kept coming. I wrote short stories about each image, which helps the viewer discover who the people are, what they go thru. Quotes from guides were also included. They reflect their views on the essence of Cultures in Transition. We all grew with the project, discovered unique places to photograph, and made friends for life.

The final touch was the appearance of the book, the cover, the Limited Edition, the Collector edition. We browsed thousands of books for ideas and came up with new and creative ones! In early July, I traveled to Italy to monitor the first test prints. AMAZING! As I wrote in my essay, it rekindled my youth working with my dad, who was a printmaker. When there, we brainstormed on the material for the book cover and the Collector edition. The never-ending quest for uniqueness and authenticity.

Today the book was sent to Italy, so they can build the plates, custom mix Pantone colors, and get ready for Geir and me to visit the Longo press and the bindery (both in Northern Italy) in early September. The journey has been nothing but thrilling, exhausting, full of creativity. And I have never produced images with such printing quality (hundreds of hours reprocessing images to match the feel of the book).

… and now, the book can be yours to own 🙂
Which Edition? The Collector Edition is only 100 copies with a deluxe book cover, three original prints displayed in a folio and a tritone clamshell. The package is unique and you get three of my prints (book size), printed with piezography ink! (Note: the starting price of my images (13×20″) is $1,500 for the limited edition of 15). The Collector Edition is available for $600 ($850 after November 1)
The Limited Edition is top notch with very high-quality paper (200 g/m2 — a typical book is 140 g/m2)), essays, stories for each image. duotone cloth cover and magnificently printed in tritone offset (actually, we are using 7 colors!). Available for $85 ($95 after November 1)
“Oliver Klink dreamt of becoming an explorer and for life to be an adventure. He wanted “to see how people lived on the other side of the earth.” Perhaps this is common to all young boys; it certainly was with me. But dreams reside in all of us. They are often how we get through difficult times. They are also the seeds of growth and discovery. Klink’s pictures are dreams manifest- they become representations of our past, present, and future. His photographs may be of exotic places and people, but that is not what they are about. Rather, they are about survival; they are about hope, they are about the Spirit, Heart, and Soul of us all.” – Geir Jordahl, True North Editions
“Both Klink and I hope that family histories and some of their traditions will travel with the younger generations as they leave the rural for the urban. Maybe Klink’s images, given to the sitters, will be used later to spark memories, just as they have for his in-laws who left China decades ago.” – Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator Emerita, Museum of Fine Arts Houston
“Klink’s book hints to the fragility of human culture and society. While it may superficially seem that life has not changed for many years or centuries, this is clearly not the case.”- Peter Finke, Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dodho Magazine: Oliver Klink selected as Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018

In this second of the 2018 awards black and white a prestigious international jury composed of renowned photographer, Reza (Paris), The Managing editor of Getty Images, Jay Davies (New York), Shanthi Jeuland, Founder and Director of Coco Communications (Singapore), Erin Barnett, Director of Exhibitions and collections of International centre of photography (New York), The  galleries’ directors; Klompching Gallery (New York) and Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago), the professional photographer Gurdas Dua, Brand Ambassador for Sony (India) and Maria Oliva, Marketing director of Dodho Magazine, have selected through a hard-working  process, due to high quality and the large numbers of projects and portfolios received,  the award-winning photographers as the best projects in black and white 2018.

The selection process has been very complicated but we are proud of the final result, and the great reception obtained. In the coming weeks will be published the book Black & White – Best photographers of the year 2018 where they will show the works of all winners and finalists. The edition will be published in hardcover and also in digital format and will be put up for sale on our website; it will also be distributed to the best galleries and agencies around the world in search of opportunities for the photographers who have applied to this contest.

Grand prize winner: Oliver Klink for his work “Spirit of the Village” (part of Cultures In Transition).

Additional information about the work can be found at

About Dodho Magazine: 

Dodho Magazine is an independent international magazine, born with the vocation to promote the work and projects of emerging photographers and professionals from all over the world. Since its launch in April 2013, Dodho Magazine has uncovered countless photographers and put their work in the spotlight of professionals in the photographic industry. With more than one million annual visits and half a million pages viewed monthly, Dodho Magazine has managed to become the fastest growing photo magazine and become a benchmark among galleries, agencies and other publishers around the world.

Dodho Magazine is published daily in its online version and every six months in its printed version. Each version is focused on a totally different audience, while the online version seeks a public as broad as possible, the print version is aimed exclusively at a more professional audience such as galleries, agencies and other professionals in the photographic and art industry, both editions have as objective and priority standing out  any good photographer or project within the crowd. Highlighting their work and offering the right promotion tools.

Dodho Magazine allows all amateur and professional photographers from around the world to spread their projects around the world in record time and share their passion and ideas about photography through their community.


Publication in Light and Shadow Magazine (Issue 3, page 35) – Black and White Photography

May 11, 2018 – Press Release:

Story and Photography about Oliver Klink’s Black and White Imagery is being published in the Light and Shadow magazine (Issue 3).

In the article, Klink expresses his views and tips on how to tackle the challenges of B&W Photography.

” Darks Darker: This is a favorite trick of mine: making the darks darker so the lights appear brighter. By association—and nothing else— when we make darks go darker, the mind just assumes the other elements have to be brighter, even though in reality they are not”.

Other thoughts are related to visualizing, printing, and getting creative inspiration.

The magazine can be downloaded free of charge at

Oliver Klink – “Ancient Farming” included in the BW Spider Awards volume 9

Dear Oliver,

We are delighted to announce as a Winner at the 12th Annual Black & White Spider Awards your work has been published in The Journal Collection No.9.

The Journal is a digital publication featuring curated collections of the award winning photography, produced to promote your achievement at the awards. You can view and download the Journal at:

My image, “Ancient Farming” won the 2nd place in the Silhouette category and is featured on page 508-509.

“The quality of the work is astounding. I love to quietly and contemplatively look at the images. You can feel the creativity and personality of each photographer featured in volume 9. Well worth the time!

Want to know more about Ancient Farming? Check the body of work it belongs to at


Oliver Klink featured Artist at rfotofolio (January 2018)

Press Release, January 12, 2018

This is a great honor to have my body of work – “Spirit of the Village” featured on the home page of rfotofolio


Rfotofolio was founded to give photographers access to a larger audience, and to educate the public about all types of photography through our sites, exhibitions, interviews, and articles.

We feel that art can make a difference in the quality of life for many individuals. Who has not been affected by the images we see? From showing the consequences of climate change and pollution, to finding solace in the image of a single flower. Art also serves to remind us that there is beauty in this world.

We feel that photography can make a difference in the quality of life for many individuals. Who has not been affected by the images we see? From showing the consequences of climate change and pollution, to finding solace in the image of a single flower. Art also serves to remind us that there is beauty in this world.

Oliver Klink featured as CPA (Center for Photography Art, Carmel) artist of the month

It is an honor to be featured as artist of the month at the CPA ( The root of the organization goes back to the Ansel Adams of our world.

Tracing our roots back to the Friends of Photography, founded in 1967, the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) remains the second oldest members’ photography gallery organization in the country. A short walk from Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA brings you to the venerable gallery launched by iconic artists Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Brett Weston. Today, CPA continues to serve as a valuable asset to its members, the community and the greater world of the photographic arts.

CPA’s gallery, which is free to the public, features the finest works of contemporary photography. In addition, CPA also offers the unique PIE Labs (Photography + Ideas + Experience) creativity program in the fall and the new PIE Tech! program in the spring. The award-winning PIE programs present an uncommon array of talented facilitators and are designed to spark creative thinking and artistic development. The CPA Lecture Series brings artists, curators, educators, and other leaders in the field of photography to our venue at the Sunset Center for in depth examinations into a variety of relevant topics. Special monthly events are planned for CPA members only and include critiques, film viewing, book reviews, and print exchanges to name but a few.

If you have an interest in photography and in networking with other enthusiasts and appreciators, you’ll enjoy our exhibitions, artistic-development programs, lectures, and special members’ nights. If you’ve wanted to learn more about photographic art and collecting, we encourage you to join CPA’s vibrant, supportive and ever- expanding photography community by becoming a member.

“Thank you CPA for your continuous support of artists and your inspiration with activities and exhibits”. Oliver Klink

Oliver Klink Images featured on API (Art Photo Index)

Press Release: January 8, 2018

This is exciting news to have my images featured in the Art Photo Index database.

Art Photo Index (API) is a visual index of important art and documentary photographers, their images and their websites from throughout the world.

Our goal with API is to become the most useful index and search engine for discovering and exploring fine-art and documentary photography. Unlike other general purpose search engines where pertinent information is buried within the less relevant, the Art Photo Index search tool focuses only on a vetted art and documentary photographers and their work, making it the ideal search engine for our discerning audience of curators, gallery directors, publishers, editors, picture researchers, collectors and others who love art and documentary photography.

The artists included in Art Photo Index have been selected as a result of their accomplishments in the art or documentary photography field. Many of those included have been published by major photobook publishers or serious art photography magazines. Some have received awards given by art and documentary photography organizations. Others are represented by major art photography galleries.

To view the images, go to

Best Wishes for 2018


Altai Mountains, Mongolia

We wish you a Happy New Year, health, laughter, and friendship for 2018. And a big Thank you for your continuous support over the years. Making fine art images is our never ending passion.
It is hard to choose just a few events that marked 2017. One that tops the list is the recognition by the international press and art lovers of the project “Consequences“. To add to the claim, “Ancient Farming“, also received many coveted awards.
Another milestone was the publication of “Circus-Fantasy and Illusion” by LensWork as top 50 projects in “seeing in sixes”.

Javeena and Ganesha #1 was a show stopper at all the places the piece was exhibited. I received heartfelt emails from collectors thrilled to have invested in this image and honored to have contributed to the fundraiser for Javeena’s education. Many thanks to all of you.


What’s on tap for 2018? I am preparing to release new images that complement the “Consequences” project. “I am Yi” is first in line, with another exciting body of work to follow shortly after (the lead image is a good clue).
Happy New Year … 

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