The PhotoCentral Gallery SpringShow celebrated its 30th anniversary, one of the longest running show in the Bay Area. This year work selection was outstanding with well deserved awards given by Danny Sanchez (Themes and Projects Gallery, San Francisco) and Margaretta Mitchell (Fine Art Photographer, Berkeley).

“Thirty years and it keeps getting better” says Geir Jordahl, the gallery director. “The evolution of photography has made this show very special. The Springshow is a platform for artists to express their idea, concepts and receive feedback from a well educated audience.”

My installation – Holi Temple – received an Award of Excellence. “There are very few galleries, that are willing to feature out of the box thinking. I am very grateful to PhotoCentral, Geir Jordahl and all his helpers to have made this installation possible. My project started as a very small entity – a lantern … With the encouragement of Geir and his crew, it grew to a “lively experience”, where visitors could feel, hear and visualize the deep meaning of “The annual festival of colors”.

The show is up until June 10.

PhotoCentral Gallery, 1099E Street, Hayward, California