The last 3 months have taken me to Mongolia, China, Bhutan, and India. Over 90,000 images ranging from the documentary snapshots to the well thought out scenes, to “I wish a particular action” would have happened.

Defining “interesting” is so subjective that it lies entirely with the eyes of the observer. To a sport’s fan, it might be capturing a “home run”, to a landscape photographer it might be “god’s rays”, to a wildlife photographer it might be a unique behavior, to a fine art photographer it might just be when the scene is at its most aesthetically balanced.

 The challenge with travel photography is that most of the time we evaluate an “interesting moment” without the bias of history. We see merely what is, and not what was previously. So how do you create stunning images? Waiting for the right time? Being able to gauge if an image is special at the point of capture?

During the various workshops I am teaching in January, I will share tips how to find “the moment”.