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Javeena and Ganesha – Piezography Ink 2016

Once a year, tens of thousands of people mill around the streets of downtown Palo Alto to enjoy the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts. Hosted by the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, the festival celebrated its 36th year on Aug. 26 and 27.

This community event brings together 300 artists and crafters from all different background and places, each with his or her own story and inspiration.

Photographer Oliver Klink, a seven-year veteran to the festival, incorporates the message of “don’t forget today for a better tomorrow” in his art.

Klink, who is originally from Switzerland, first began photography when his father gave him a camera at 7 years old. They would go hiking together and take photographs in the Swiss Alps.

Klink’s turning point in his career, however, was when he began to study physics and photography. After getting his masters in physics, Klink learned to manipulate light in his pictures.

Klink’s favorite photograph he has taken, called “Javeena,” shows a young girl stroking an elephant.

“I think [the photograph shows] the bond between humans and animals,” Klink said. “If everyone bond[s] this way, the world would be better.”

Klink especially likes to capture elephants because “they are very charismatic and giant, but in danger.” Through his works, Klink reminds people of the beauty of things that are forgotten by society.

“We all get entangled in modernization and our busy lives that we

forget about today.”

Oliver Klink

“We all get entangled in modernization and our busy lives that we forget about today,” Klink said. “If we preserve today, we’d get a much better tomorrow.”

Published in the Campanile – September 14, 2017