May 7, 2020 – Press Release

What an exciting news: Cultures in Transition book receives its NINTH Award for best photography book of 2019!!!

From Geir & Kate Jordahl – True North Edition Publisher.

Intimate relationships, a shared unified vision and high standards from the entire creative team made Cultures in Transition a labor of love and dedication. The goal to create a product to be experienced fully with all the senses – a book that looks beautiful, feels sensual and smells good using tactile cloth and paper, dimensional binding, images that engage the emotions and text that stimulates the mind – all this is possible when investments are shared toward a common goal – a book that changes lives.  Our press in Italy Longo AG was on board to print a “flagship” Photobook. We lived on press all week, the Longo crew worked in hand with artist, publisher and designer. Spoken language limitations were overcome by the universal voice of image and art! The same was true at Legatoria bindery where the owner, Alexandro and our representative Giuseppe, discussed in Italian for what seemed to be an eternity, the feasibility of our vision’s successful execution. In the end, again, the intimate shared investment in the project and belief in its message made the seemingly impossible succeed! Words emerged in English and Italian: mysterious, long lasting, memorable, BELLISSIMO! Only Indie publishing can create such a project! The world needs Spirit, Heart and Soul now more than ever and working with the teams from True North Editions, Longo AG and Legatoria made this work what it is!

Award Ceremony Acceptance Speech!

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