The Free Spirit of the Horse On the Run

By Mary Aiu

I have always felt that if you are passionate about your subject matter, it will show through in your work. So a few years ago, I made a decision to choose a subject that would lend itself to becoming a body of work. Having great admiration for the horse and being an owner of a couple of them myself, the subject choice was an easy one. My journey has included photographing interactions and partnerships we have with the horse under-saddle, their behaviors among the herd, to finding beauty or story within a portrait. These experiences have led me to an even deeper understanding and love for the horse.

My favorite moments and what really pulls on my heart strings, is to be able to witness through my camera the unbridled beauty of the horse in motion. For me, watching them run at liberty, is like watching a dancer, with each horse displaying their own unique flair of power, grace, and agility. It is so pure, watching a horse be a horse! I do believe few people ever get the chance to be in their presence to witness this, as horses seem to be disappearing from our landscapes and lives more and more.

©2016 Mary Aiu (On The Run - Gypsy Horse)

©2016 Mary Aiu — On The Run #6 (Gypsy Horse)

For centuries horses have been regarded for their ethereal beauty and nobility. I have been fortunate to have photographed some that have taken my breath away as they take flight to run through the wind. The Arabian horse floats like a ballerina with a graceful gait that almost seems to suspend them in the air. While the earth seems to open up under the pounding from the feathered hooves and elegant, long flowing manes of the Gypsy horse. The striking Stonewall Sports Horse with their beautiful spotted patterns always sets the stage for special captures. I can’t put into words the exhilaration I feel as I stand in a field and photograph a group of them running towards me.

My artistic intent with my collection of images, “On the Run,” is to showcase these moments of what I like to think of as equine splendor, and to share with the viewer the majestic beauty and free spirit of the horse on the run.

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