The votes are in! I am excited to announce that my body of work “Consequences” was selected as the Critical Mass Top 50 for 2016. An exhibit of the Top 50 will soon be announced.

Meanwhile, you can see the full body of work here. Each image comes in three sizes (by 20″, by 30″, and by 50″), limited edition of 15, 7, 3. As a heads up, some images are almost sold out. If interested in purchasing an image, email me the title and desired size. I will let you know if image is still available.

My images are printed digitally using a special process called Piezography, with my special inkset. The Piezography print, being the first fine black & white digital process is to digital photography what the Daguerrotype was to traditional photography. It has a unique combination of surface reflection, high fidelity, and tone due to a proprietary pigment manufacturing process. The fidelity of black & white images made with this special shaded ink combined with a proprietary profiling process produce enhanced highlight and shadow details that exceed what is capable using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.

I am truly honored of having been selected by Photolucida as a Top 50 artists.

Until further news about the Top 50 exhibit … Thank you for your continuous support and good luck with your art collection.