Photographer Oliver Klink focuses his work on the complex ways in which modern life unfolds. His award-winning, black-and-white imagery has been featured in National Geographic and Popular Photography, among other publications. In particular, his Consequences series combines his artistic abilities with anthropological investigation.

Consequences, which sees Klink traveling to remote, yet accessible, areas, seeks to address threats to cultural diversity through modernization. In an age where globalization is expanding, how can unique traditions continue to thrive?  Through visits to countries such as Myanmar, Bhutan, and China, Klink seeks these answers.

Klink’s work has a timeless feel, owed in large part of his mastery of Piezography. This digital printing process, where photographers mix their own inks, enhances the highlights and shadow of each photograph. In this way, Klink is able to pluck each moment from the background, artistically shaping the final result.

We were lucky enough to speak with Klink about his work in general and how Consequences has developed. Read on for the full interview.

Interview: Photographer Travels to Remote Areas to Document Disappearing Traditions