October 1, 2018

Article in the Palo Alto Weekly by Karla Kane

If you haven’t seen the exhibit, you have to see it! The exhibit is about “Africa: The Struggle of Beauty”. These are not just “pretty” pictures of Africa. There is a strong curated message that depicts the various facets of African wildlife.
AND … You can admire some original images from Sebastião Salgado, mine, and two other photographers!  Truly a feast 🙂
Karla Kane from the Palo Alto Weekly wrote an incredible article about the show, which attracted a packed crowd at the opening reception in early September.
As Karla wrote: “Elephants have come to hold a special place in Klink’s heart. He has photographed curious, wise old matriarchs, babies learning through play and imitation, and elderly males, whose isolation and large tusks make them extremely vulnerable to poachers. You never get tired of seeing the behavior of the elephants.”
Mark your calendar: October 5 (5:30PM – 8PM)
Talk around 6PM
Pacific Art League
668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
650.321.3891 | [email protected]
I am exhibiting a subset of my series: “Life – As the World Should be”
The elephant is one of the most enigmatic creatives in all of the animal kingdom. To some, they are majestic creatures worthy of worship, to others merely beasts of burden. Regardless of human perception, they are incredible animals that are full of intelligence, empathy, and a genuine curiosity for the world.“Life” is a photo series that attempts to showcase elephants in their totality — not just a small fraction to be misunderstood. Approaching this project with a painterly touch, I’m aiming to create vivid portraits of these animals as they navigate between freedom, domesticity, and destruction.