I wish you happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year. 2016 was a break through year for me thanks to your continuous support. Many of my workshops’ participants received coveted prices and recognition with their images. Documentary images turned into images with a personal vision and deeper meanings. As a group, your creativity was contagious and inspiring. Very well done all of you!

Many of you took the chance to visit places that are not on the “typical traveling bucket list”. I wrote a similar message in 2011, when I thanked my participants to join me in Iceland for the Northern Light and Icebergs. At that point, it was not a “very well known” destination for photography. Looking at advertisement 5 years later Iceland is a “bucket list”.  For people who joined me in Mongolia, remote China, you are ahead of the wave. Thank you dearly for making these trips a reality as we cherish the “local” feel of our images.


To become known in the world of fine art photography, you need visionary people to give you a chance. I can’t thank enough the Fotofest organization for building a platform that enables many artists to have their work seen and prosper. A special mention goes to Silvia Mangialardi and Elda Harrington (organizers of the Festival de La Luz) who propelled my work to be seen internationally and boosted my confidence to submit images to contest like PhotoLucida – Critical Mass Top 50, and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The future is full of unknown. Political climate around the world is changing. But we all need to strap on to what we have: creativity. It will make people forget the challenges that we face, the decision that are made against our will, and strengthen our stories

Good luck with your photography and art collection. More then ever deliver and share the joy of images.